Lighting Recipes with Joe Brady: Little Red Velvet

Just like when baking, there are some essential ingredients and tools you need to have to get consistent, efficient, and tasty results when creating portraits. Join landscape photographer and trainer Joe Brady as he shows us the recipe for this 'Little Red Velvet' photo shoot.

Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster Quick Start Guide: Part 1

The quest for lighter, smaller and more efficient light sources is creating new challenges in establishing color quality for Cine/Video production. Matching the same and different light sources, and knowing how to mix them are becoming today’s need-to-know skills. Sekonic is proud to provide the measuring tool that will help you tame the lighting universe. The SpectroMaster C-700.

Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster Quick Start Guide: Part 2

In this Quick Start video you will learn how to measure and control one light source using the C-700 Spectromaster's TEXT, Spectrum and CRI screens.

Sekonic LiteMaster Pro

Single Exposure Perfection – The Sekonic L-758DR-U

As a professional photographer, your time is money. Even if you're not shooting to earn a client's money, why waste time shooting multiple exposures for every shot? In the latest Sekonic video, Joe Brady clearly and thoughtfully demonstrates why there's no need for HDR bracketing when you're using the Sekonic L-758DR-U meter.
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