L-208 TwinMate - Features

L-208 TwinMate - Features

The Sekonic L-208 is a compact and lightweight analog incident/reflected shoe mount meter. It was designed from the start for one-handed operation. To have it be even less obtrusive, you can mount the L-208 on your camera's hot-shoe, or bracket, by using the included accessory shoe adapter.

Designed originally as a meter for entry-level shooters, the L-208 functions perfectly as a compact, ambient backup meter for photographers of any skill level. It's incredibly economical size makes it easy to carry in a pocket for double-checking readings from your primary meter, or handing to an assistant for a second reading.

The range on the deceptively small L-208 is astonishing for such a compact footprint. It can measure exposures from 30 seconds to 1/8000th of a second. F-stops can be dialed in from f/1.4 to f/32 in half-stop increments. ISOs from 12 to 12500 can be measured in half-stop increments. EV3 to EV17 in both incident and reflected modes at ISO 100 can be measured.

After releasing the measurement button, the 'Hold-and-Read' mode locks readings for 15 seconds, allowing for extended exposure evaluation time. This gives assistants time to show photographers their readings

The L-208 has an impressive 33-degree acceptance angle in reflected mode, ensuring an accurate reading of light sources.

The incredible compact size enables the L-208 to slip in almost any shirt or pants pocket. It weighs in at only 1.5 ounces, or 40 grams, without a battery.

The L-208 comes complete with a strap, carrying case, CR2032 lithium battery and accessory mounting shoe. It has a full, 1-year warranty, extendable at no charge to 3 years total (in the USA only) after registration, and is backed by our outstanding customer support team.

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