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Sekonic L-758DR
What is the difference between the L-758D and the L-758DR?
The meters are identical except that the L-758D is only sold overseas and does not include the PocketWizard radio module. This meter uses the European PocketWizard frequencies. The L-758DR is only sold in North America and uses America PocketWizard frequencies.
I do not have the Sekonic gray scale chart yet. May I still enter camera profiles into my meter?
Yes. If you have determined your camera’s dynamic range through your own testing, that data may be entered manually: see pages 45-47 in the L-758DR owner’s manual.
I took a flash reading at 1/250 and got f/8, and then I changed the shutter speed to 1/125, and then to 1/60, but the meter still reads f/8. Is something wrong with the meter?
No. When shooting indoors in flash mode at high shutter speeds, the flash is doing all of the lighting, so the shutter speed is not going to be a factor. In this situation you will see the meter read '100%', which means that the f/8 is all flash. If you change to the slower shutter speeds, the ambient light will start to become a factor, and the 100% will change to 90%, 80%, etc.
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